Walt Disney Imagineers have done it again! Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride has welcomed a new character to its ranks, stirring both excitement and controversy among the Disney fan base. This beloved attraction, cherished by fans worldwide, has been under scrutiny recently for themes some guests deemed outdated and offensive.

From its inception, Pirates of the Caribbean has captivated audiences, with unique versions showcased at Disneyland Park, Magic Kingdom Park, Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, and Shanghai Disneyland. Over the years, this iconic ride has undergone several updates to stay relevant with modern sensibilities. The mid-2000s saw the introduction of Captain Jack Sparrow, and the infamous bride auction scene was later modified to depict female pirates auctioning stolen goods instead of brides.

However, not all guests appreciate these changes. Some have still found parts of the ride uncomfortable, with one visitor describing the experience as “kind of a weird ride” and “a little bit rapey.” Despite such criticisms, the majority of Disney fans continue to hold Pirates of the Caribbean close to their hearts. However, concerns over its future escalated as breakdowns became more frequent, leading to reductions in its presence at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort.

In an intriguing twist, a Disneyland Park guest recently spotted a new addition to the ride—a Star Wars Grogu figure tucked away in a pirate ship’s window. This delightful surprise, shared by Kayla Williams (@kaylawilliams010) on TikTok, has sparked joy among fans, with one commenter humorously noting, “He didn’t choose that life; the pirate’s life chose him!”

While the playful inclusion of Grogu may be temporary, it highlights Disney’s commitment to evolving and engaging experiences. Imagineers frequently revisit attractions for updates, ensuring each guest has a fresh and enjoyable adventure.

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