Step into the wonderland of Disneyland Paris where the magic meets the vibrant bloom of summer! This year, the Horticulture team at Disneyland Paris has embarked on an enchanting endeavor to transform the park’s iconic flowerbeds into a kaleidoscope of colors. It’s not just about looks; it’s a meticulously planned work of art that complements the fantastical narratives of the park.

For an entire month, 25 dedicated gardeners have worked under the Parisian stars, crafting whimsical floral displays that blossom with each new day. Imagine strolling through Central Plaza, the ethereal hues around Sleeping Beauty Castle perfectly synchronized with the mesmerizing “A Million Splashes of Colour” show. The flower selection is deeply thought out, rooted in the history and ambiance of various lands and hotels within the resort.

Disneyland Paris’ Horticulture teams have gone the extra mile, opting for robust varieties like sunpatiens which thrive under diverse climatic conditions. They’ve integrated a staggering 54 different varieties, gracing the resort with everything from classic petunias and geraniums to the exotic gomphrena and knipfofia. Even flowers known more for their culinary appeal, like sage and sweet potatoes, make a delightful appearance.

But it’s not only about the beauty; it’s about sustainability too. Working with local growers who are just a short drive away, the team ensures fresh and flexible deliveries while minimizing carbon emissions. These local partners proudly bear the “Plante Bleue” label, symbolizing environmentally friendly horticultural practices. Furthermore, the resort smartly utilizes its wastewater treatment plant for thoughtful irrigation practices, ensuring that every drop counts.

Interestingly, you can even discover squashes and aromatic plants in Cinderella’s courtyard behind Sleeping Beauty Castle. It’s these little hidden gems that make a walk through Disneyland Paris an ever-evolving experience of delight.

What’s your take on this dazzling horticultural transformation at Disneyland Paris? Do you have favorite garden spots within the park? Share your thoughts, photos, and experiences in the comments below—we love hearing your stories and seeing your snaps! For more magical Disney adventures, book your next getaway with Mouseways Travel, the official travel partner of Daps Magic.

Life’s a garden—dig in at Disneyland Paris and let us know how it blossoms in your heart! 🌸

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