As authorized by the State Post Bureau, China Stamp Group will issue two official Shanghai Disney Resort stamps June 16 – the same day Shanghai Disney Resort welcomes the general public for the first time. Leadership from Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, China Post Group, The Walt Disney Company, Shendi Group, Shanghai Disney Resort and the Shanghai International Tourism and Resort Zones Administrative Commission came together May 31 at a jointly held ceremony where the stamp designs were unveiled.

The Shanghai Disney Resort official stamp collection includes two stamps and one souvenir sheet, featuring classic characters and the iconic Enchanted Storybook Castle.

“Mickey and Minnie” shows Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse strolling in their official Shanghai Disney Resort attire. The design of their clothing incorporates special features in appreciation for the people and culture of China, such as the Mandarin collar and peony.

The “Enchanted Storybook Castle” stamp shows the grandeur of the world’s largest and most interactive Disney castle, with Tinker Bell soaring overhead and fireworks lighting the night sky above. Located at the heart of Shanghai Disneyland, Enchanted Storybook Castle represents all the Disney princesses and includes Chinese elements such as peony and magnolia flowers to represent Shanghai.

“We are pleased to have collaborated with Disney to celebrate the grand opening of this world-class tourism destination that was specially built for China,” said Chen Bichang, General Manager of Shanghai Post Group. “Sharing a new stamp is always an exciting occasion, and we are looking forward to its official issuance in June.”

“The issuance of the Shanghai Disney Resort official stamp is a truly historic moment for Disney, and we are humbled to have our castle and characters featured on this stamp,” said Philippe Gas, General Manager of Shanghai Disney Resort. “The designs commemorate a sense of celebration, reflecting the happiness we all feel in opening this magnificent resort.”