This is just a short list of fun things you might want to check out the next time you go to Disneyland.

  1. In groups of (2) ride up front in the train’s engine with the engineers of the Disneyland Railroad, you must board at Main Street Station and remain on the train for the entire loop around the park. Only 2 of the 4 Disneyland Railroad engines can accommodate passengers. At the station, request engine seating from the conductor cast member, he will be most likely to accommodate your request. “May we please ride up front in the engine?” If the response is this that this engine won’t hold passengers, ask if you may wait until another engine arrives.
  2. In groups of (4) or less ride in the pilothouse of the Mark Twain Steamboat. On boarding the boat, go to the top deck and from the side closest to the open window of the pilothouse call up to the captain castmember and ask permission to come up and join him in the pilothouse for this trip. He usually will allow this after the boarding is completed. There is an entry door to the stairs at the back of the front inside section on the top deck. The captain will have to unlock it for you when he is ready to let you up. Once up in the cabin, ask to sign the ships log and also ask for the special certificate making you an honorary steamboat captain, it’s a great free souvenir with Walt Disney’s signature and everything!
  3. Eat at the Blue Bayou Restaurant. Decide on a Lunch or Dinnertime and make reservations as soon as you enter the park at the podium in front of the restaurant, which is located in New Orleans Square. Or call (714)781-3463 up to 90 days before you want your reservations. Ask for seating down by the water if available. Highly recommended is the Monty Cristo Sandwich.
  4. Have your picture taken with Mickey in his studio barn behind his house in Toontown. Walk through his house and it will lead you to the photo area. Mickey has 4 costumes (bandleader, Steamboat Willie, Sorcerer’s Apprentice, and Regular. If you have a preference, ask the cast member if you can wait for your choice. (They alternate the photo rooms). You may then purchase the matted photo in several different sizes if you wish later in the day on Main Street near the Bank, at the entrance tunnel vending booth. There is no obligation to buy.
  5. Make a personal CD of you favorite park music or attraction dialog at the Disneyland Forever kiosks in New Tomorrowland. Using a touch screen you can sample hundreds of selections selecting any 10 for inclusion on a CD which will have you name on it. Price is $20. Songs and dialog from attractions like the Haunted Mansion or Pirates of the Caribbean are great remembrances to take home with you. Kiosks locations are in the Premiere Shop (Tomorrowland) and 20th Century Music Shop (Main St.)
  6. Walk through the Sleeping Beauty Diorama in the castle. Many guests overlook this attraction and most kids love it! The entrance is to the right of the castle’s princess’s shop. Please give the guest counter turnstile a couple of extra spins on the way out as this attraction has been closed in the past due to lack of guest traffic through it.
  7. At the entrance to Snow White’s Scary Adventure attraction is a brass book and apple on a pedestal. Touch the apple and you will hear the old hag cackle! Also to the right of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle is Snow White’s Grotto. Here are statues of Snow White and the seven dwarfs on the hillside (which are all the same height!) and a wishing well which will echo Snow White as she sings “I’m Wishing”
  8. In the queue line for Indiana Jones do or observe the following things. In the Spike Room there is a bamboo pole made of rubber 2/3 of the way in on the left. Pushing on or shaking this pole activates the moving ceiling with a loud crash. There is a reset time delay so if it doesn’t work wait and retry. In the Well Room pull on the rope going into the well. The archeologist will say different things each time that you pull on the rope. (sometimes the queue is routed past this area depending on crowd size) In the storeroom (caged area next to a big wooden plane prop after exiting the Film Room) on the desk in the cage is an old Life magazine with Mickey Mouse on it. (considered a hidden Mickey by some)
  9. Eat a Churro! There are now various flavors of churros throughout the park. (Cinnamon, berry, apple, grape) each “land” offers different flavors.
  10. Have a Mint Julep drink (non alcoholic) at the walk up Mint Julep Bar in New Orleans Square on the side of the French Market Restaurant nearest the railroad station.

These are just a few of the fun things to do while you are at Disneyland! Let us know some of your favorites so we can include them in the next listing!