Pin Trading Etiquette

To be a better Pin Trader an important step it to know the rules. There are two ways to trade, either at the parks or online. The rules vary for the different situations.

When trading at the parks:

  • Always ask before touching or browsing through a pin book. Some people don’t mind but it is always good to ask. It also helps to start the conversation.
  • When trading with Cast Members, keep in mind that they can only trade one pin at a time and can only have one of each pin type on their lanyard.
  • Always wait until a trader is completely done with their trade before asking to see their pins.

For all the online pin traders:

  • Always check references. Most sites like will have area where you can check a Persons reference. There is eBay even if it is not an eBay a purchase.
  • Second when emailing make sure both parties sent and agree upon a date to mail the pin.
  • When mailing, make sure it is well packaged in a bubble envelope a little extra bubble wrap never hurts either.

The most important thing is, no matter what you are trading, or who you are trading with, is to have fun.