Zachary Levi revealed that his Tangled: The Series co-star Mandy Moore is more likely to flub her lines in what could possibly be the cutest junket interview ever. The ‘Rapunzel’ and ‘Flynn’ voice actors played the ‘Newlywed Game’ on The Oh My Disney Show, where each laughed their way through surprising superlatives – including revelations that Moore has a lot in common with her wallflower A Walk To Remember character, giving fans a peek into the incredible chemistry the two have on set.


Have you ever wondered what kind of wedding date Mandy Moore is like? The Oh My Disney Show host Alexys Gabrielle gets the A-list star to spill the details on what the Golden Globe-nominated actress is really like behind closed doors. In the adorable interview, Moore shares stories from their Tangled: The Series press tour, which includes a back-to-back skydiving and jet-boating adventure with Zachary in Australia.

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