This week our “All in the Details” series, which looks at how even the smallest touch can add authenticity to a location’s storyline, focuses on the Ice Works Steam Engine you can spot atDisney Springs when Town Center opens this summer. Get ready for some backstory …

 All in the Details: Ice Works Steam Engine At Disney Springs  All in the Details: Ice Works Steam Engine At Disney Springs

As we’ve previously shared, the theming of Disney Springs was inspired by Florida’s turn-of-the-century waterfront towns and natural beauty, and a lot of the town’s original structures still remain, such as the water tower that now serves as the Disney Springs marquee. One remnant of this town from long ago is a steam engine that once provided power to pumps and delivered spring water to the facility. It still sits on the bank of the Spring (across from Raglan Road, near what is now Sprinkles cupcakes). The 1800s engine is not in use anymore, but was left in place revealing the rich history of the first settlers that arrived at Disney Springs more than 150 years ago. Also note the aged Sunshine State Ice Works “ghost graphics” that can be seen on the wall behind the engine, claiming Disney Springs to have “The best ice in all of Florida!’

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