Disneyland Paris supports the professional integration of youths and recruits candidates from the Volunteer Military Service, a measure the government implemented in 2015.

On 31 March this year Disneyland Paris recruited thirteen youths from the military service center of Île-de-France. They have been given permanent and temporary work contracts. This measure, implemented in 2015, is based on volunteerism and reflects the determination of the French President to favour the employment and social integration of youths at risk.

These youths aged from 18 to 25 who are out of the school system learn the basic rules of “living together” when living in groups in a military setting. They have integrated the notions of proper attire, being on time, functioning in an institution, and have acquired the initial teachings in first aid. They have also undergone progressive physical training in order to adopt or re-adopt healthy living habits and develop a taste for making efforts. With the objective of helping them find a job, this measure also includes tutoring and a driving permit.

The SMV (volunteer military service) is aimed at youths who are out of the school system and who have difficulties finding a job. The measure has both a professional and a social objective. It wishes to offer a new departure, based on the respect of rules and discipline, with the aim of finding a local job.
In the framework of its social policies, Disneyland Paris supports this measure by meeting the candidates from the center at Brétigny-sur-Orge (Essonne). At the end of various encounters and interviews, Marie-Françoise Arrighi, in charge of integration at Disneyland Paris, offered permanent or temporary work contracts to thirteen individuals for jobs in the catering or hospitality sectors.

Lieutenant-colonel Laurent Gueguen, head of the volunteer military service center of Île-de-France, says « the advantage of this measure for the youths is the experience they will sell to an employer: they arrive on time, know how to present themselves, are disciplined and are willing to make efforts. These learnings are part of a general “know how” that includes knowing how to be. Twenty year old Vincent Redon confirms that. He has a BEP in catering (a professional high school diploma) and the SMV has given him “the keys to work in a company”. Naturally he gladly signed up for a permanent work contract”. As of the month of May, Vincent will be a kitchen trainee in the restaurants at Disney’s Sequoia Lodge.

Regarding the army, this mission is aimed at reinforcing social cohesion. It gives these youths a setting that is both rigorous and adds a certain quality to their C.V. The youths are followed for six months when they leave this structure. The candidates recruited had their first contact with their future employer on 31 March to start becoming familiar with corporate life. After signing their contract they naturally were concerned with their everyday future: their workplace, their work clothes (suit and safety shoes supplied and cared for by the company), their transportation expenses (80% covered by for Disneyland Paris) and even their meals at their work place (nineteen company dining venues throughout our site).