Have you seen “Rivers of Light” yet?

The show is a celebration of the beauty, fragility and wild unpredictability of animals and nature that’s told using live performers, Animal Spirit Guide floats, fire, water and projections. But did you know that “Rivers of Light” also features remarkable moments of animals in the wild, as seen in Disneynature films? Moments from Monkey Kingdom, Bears, African Cats and Born in China – which hits theaters for Earth Day 2017 – are all featured.

According to the show’s project team, partnering with Disneynature really helped bring the show’s animals to life. And the Disneynature team, who has spent so much time with these animals during production for their own films, were delighted to see the animals they care for be celebrated in a whole new way.

“Most of the animals that we are watching out there out on the big water displays we’ve spent two or three years of our lives with,” said Disneynature Director Mark Linfield. “They became like close friends and seeing them in this new context…across these huge sheets of water is really something I think only Disney could’ve done.”

Disneynature Alastair Fothergill agrees. “For me, the best bit of ‘Rivers of Light’ is it seemed to me like the most extraordinary family album. All the great stars of Disneynature were there and for the first time we could share them with the guests at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.”

Learn more about the collaboration with Disneynature in the videos above.