At Walt Disney World Resort, we recognize the importance of taking a break from the day-to-day routine to enjoy moments of pure fun. Playtime is essential for everyone, even animals too, and we look for ways to keep it mentally and physically stimulating through enrichment toys and activities. As we like to keep it entertaining, we always look for opportunities to sprinkle in some seasonal flair – so this time of year, we spice up animal enrichment with pumpkins!

Our animal care team enjoys crafting pumpkins for play. They know how to place just the right amount of worms, bugs and such in them for surprise and delight.

These added touches make for more fun as the animals really get into these pumpkin treats. They might eat them, smash them or even roll them around for a while.

In the video below, some of our Behavioral Husbandry team explains why enrichment is an important part of an animal’s care.