On May 23, Union Station Kansas City unveiled an enchanting tribute to a century of magic with “Disney 100: The Exhibition.” This special preview offered fans an exclusive glimpse into 100 years of Disney history, featuring over 250 artifacts from beloved movies and musicals.

Lauren Kovarna, VP of Marketing at Union Station, shared, “The exhibition spans 100 years of The Walt Disney Company and includes 10 imaginatively themed galleries.” Visitors can delight in props, artwork, interactive exhibits, and numerous photo ops.

Unique to Kansas City, the exhibition highlights Walt Disney’s local roots. In 1911, a young Walt moved to Kansas City, later attending weekend classes at the Kansas City Art Institute. By 1922, he founded Laugh-O-gram Films, marking the birthplace of Mickey Mouse.

The exhibition also showcases rare items not displayed in previous locations like Philadelphia and Chicago. “We’ve created a space called ‘local connections’ with nearly 50 items that many have never seen before,” Kovarna explained. This special element connects visitors to Disney’s early creative endeavors right from Kansas City.

One particular highlight is the first film Disney produced, Snow White, which debuted in 1937. This groundbreaking work laid the foundation for Disney classics we love today, such as Moana and Encanto. Moreover, the exhibition illustrates how Disney has continually embraced technology and creativity to deliver unimaginable experiences.

As Disney’s 100th anniversary approaches, CEO Bob Iger emphasizes the company’s ongoing commitment to innovation. “Great storytelling remains the bedrock of great entertainment,” Iger stated. “In the years ahead, we will continue to fuse technology and creativity.”

“Disney 100: The Exhibition” runs from May 24 to November 30, offering a magical journey for all ages. Tickets start at $10 for school groups, with other rates available. Secure your tickets online [here](https://unionstation.org/event/disney100/).

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