Have you ever wondered what it’s like to begin your career journey with the magic of Disney? Let’s dive into the enchanting tale of Luke, who started his Disney adventure as an intern and now serves as a Regional Softlines Marketing Manager for The Walt Disney Company UK.

During his internship with the Character Voices Operations team, Luke was given the exciting task of organizing the localization for a groundbreaking mobile application. “Before I started working for the company, it was difficult to comprehend the size and scale of the office environment. But I learned that means one can get involved in a variety of areas,” Luke reflects. His days were a blend of learning and collaborating, a testament to Disney’s culture of teamwork.

Upon completing his internship, Luke ventured into other professional arenas but eventually found his way back to Disney. What drew him back? “I am very passionate about Disney’s brands and IP. I am also interested in sports, and my returning role focused on those partnerships,” he shares. Now part of the Softlines Marketing team, Luke crafts campaigns that blend fashion and home merchandising, making his job both dynamic and rewarding.

One of Luke’s standout projects was steering a three-way collaboration between Disney, a prominent clothing brand, and a unique artist. This adventure took him to New York, where he managed content creation and in-store activations while narrating the artist’s distinctive style—a project he recalls with immense pride.

For those dreaming of joining the Disney family through internships in the UK, Luke has some sage advice: “Focus on the people as well as the role itself. Expand your network and connect with like-minded people. You never know where you’ll end up!” His journey is a shining example of where passion and networking can lead.

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