Walt Disney World fans were left disappointed this Pride Month as the parks’ celebrations noticeably omitted a beloved tradition – the trans pride treat. The past two years saw the introduction and enthusiastic reception of the first-ever trans pride cake pop in 2022, followed by an array of trans pride snacks in 2023. This year, however, the trans-themed delights are notably absent from the menus, leaving many in the trans and non-binary community feeling sidelined.

In recent years, Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort have significantly ramped up their Pride Month events, hosting vibrant celebrations, such as Disneyland’s Pride Nite, and offering diverse merchandise through the official Disney Pride collection. These efforts marked a progressive shift from the days when “Gay Days” were unofficial and less integrated into the parks’ activities. Yet, in a challenging political atmosphere, especially within Florida, the omission of trans pride treats this year is seen as a significant step backward in representation.

The official Disney Eats Foodie Guide to Pride Month at Walt Disney World featured a delightful array of rainbow-themed treats available across the parks and resorts. Guests can indulge in colorful Pride mousse domes, cupcakes, and more from June 1 to 30, with some items available until July 31. However, the lack of the trans pride colors – pink, blue, and white – among these offerings has left a void for those visitors who have come to treasure these symbols of inclusivity and support.

Amid rising anti-transgender legislation and ongoing societal challenges, visible representation in popular and safe spaces like Disney parks is crucial. The pattern of omitting the trans pride treats, despite maintaining other Pride decorations and PhotoPass opportunities themed around the trans flag, prompts a conversation about the significance of upholding these symbols. The absence feeds into a larger discourse, as Florida remains a hotbed of contested rights for the LGBTQIA+ community, making Disney’s stance and choice of representation all the more impactful.

Despite the broader climate of discrimination, many still view Walt Disney World Resort as a safe haven within the state. As one park visitor poignantly noted, the inclusivity and security within Disney’s walls juxtapose sharply against the outside environment, making the representation within its borders even more critical.

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