In a recent wave of buzzworthy news, legendary filmmaker George Lucas has shared some candid thoughts on Disney’s Star Wars projects, sparking a mixture of intrigue and controversy within the fandom.

Reflecting on the decade since The Walt Disney Company acquired Lucasfilm for a whopping $4.05 billion, Lucas didn’t mince words on his dissatisfaction with certain creative directions taken by Disney. Despite the new trilogy featuring memorable characters like Rey, Finn, and Kylo Ren, Lucas feels key elements of the original Star Wars essence have been lost. Speaking at the prestigious 77th Cannes Festival, Lucas remarked, “I was the one who really knew what Star Wars was…there’s a lot to it. The Force, for example, nobody understood the Force.”

Lucas, the visionary behind the galaxy far, far away, emphasized the emotional complexity and unique innovations he originally infused into the saga. He was notably disappointed with Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015), which he felt was a rehash of old ideas rather than presenting new worlds and technologies. This sentiment was echoed in Disney CEO Bob Iger’s memoir, where it was disclosed that Lucas criticized the film for its lack of innovation.

However, it’s not all critiques. Lucas acknowledged that Rian Johnson’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017) was “beautifully made,” and he also praised the spinoff Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016). His mixed reviews reflect a complex relationship with the evolving franchise landscape under Disney’s stewardship.

Rumors have recently surfaced about a potential return of Lucas to Star Wars with a live-action Disney+ series. Yet, Lucas has strongly indicated that his role as the guiding hand of the galaxy is over, stating, “I am 70. And I don’t know whether I’ll be here when I’m 80.” Now 80 years old, many remain skeptical, but the possibility has certainly stirred the Star Wars community.

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