Magic and Mayhem: Exploring the “Hocus Pocus” Prequel Rumor

Fans of the whimsical, yet delightfully spooky world of “Hocus Pocus” were buzzing with excitement following a viral Facebook post claiming that a prequel series, titled “Hocus Pocus: The Rise of the Sandersons,” would premiere on Disney+ this October 2024. The post even went further to depict three young actresses—Taylor Paige Henderson, Nina Kitchen, and Juju Journey Brener—allegedly cast as younger versions of the iconic Sanderson sisters, navigating Salem’s eerie 17th-century landscape. With a captivating promise of six spellbinding episodes, it was easy to see why fans were enthralled. But was there any truth to these bewitching whispers?

As enchanting as this news might sound, hold onto your broomsticks: the claim turned out to be pure fiction. Originating from the satirical Facebook page “YODA BBY ABY,” which is known for its tongue-in-cheek posts, this particular rumor was nothing but a clever ruse. The page openly admits its satirical nature, with a disclaimer stating its intention to share “100% satire and fake news.”

In reality, no such prequel series has been announced by Disney. In fact, a quick check on IMDb confirmed that none of the mentioned young actresses—Henderson, Kitchen, or Brener—are set to star in any upcoming “Hocus Pocus” projects. Moreover, Disney’s official website does not list this series in their upcoming slate, further quelling the fantastical flames of this fabrication.

Despite this humorous hoax, it is not the end of the magical journey for the Sanderson sisters. Disney did confirm in a 2022 interview with executive Sean Bailey that a third “Hocus Pocus” film is indeed in development. So while the idea of a prequel series remains a figment of someone’s imagination, the Sanderson sisters could be making their triumphant return to our screens in the foreseeable future.

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