Step into a realm of wonder this weekend at Union Station in Kansas City as the grand “Disney100” exhibit opens its doors, celebrating a century of Disney magic. Brought to life with over 250 iconic artifacts from the past 100 years, this exhibit beautifully intertwines the city’s own rich history with the enchanting legacy of Disney, providing a mesmerizing journey for visitors of all ages.

Immerse yourself in the magic as you wander through interactive displays curated by local cultural giants such as The National Museum of Toys and Miniatures and the University of Missouri-Kansas City. These connections highlight how the magic of Disney has influenced local legends, transforming Kansas City into its very own slice of the Magic Kingdom. Even local juggernaut Hallmark owes a nod to Disney’s influential spark, as noted by its founder, Joyce C. Hall, who praised Disney’s powerful role in entertainment.

The exhibit is a vivid stroll through time, where you’ll hear the nostalgic tunes of classic Mickey Mouse animations and may find yourself snapping a selfie with a towering Goofy statue or being awed by Grogu (affectionately known as Baby Yoda) from “The Mandalorian.” Recognize beloved characters from timeless series like “Golden Girls” and “Lost,” and uncover Disney’s famous Easter eggs embedded throughout the walls and artifacts.

A multi-sensory film projection will guide you through Disney’s formative years, showcasing how Walt’s dreams took root on a modest farm, thriving into a worldwide phenomenon driven by curiosity and creativity. End your magical tour with a visit to the gift shop, where exclusive Disney100 merchandise awaits, allowing you to take a piece of this enchanting experience home.

Don’t miss the chance to experience this extraordinary exhibit from May 24 to November 30. Tickets, ranging from $15 to $25, are now available on the Union Station website. Join the conversation—share your favorite Disney memories and thoughts on this spectacular exhibit in the comments below, and let’s celebrate a hundred years of Disney magic together!