In a dramatic turn of events, the magic kingdom of Pixar is facing turbulent times. With Disney CEO Bob Iger steering the ship, the creative and corporate structure at The Walt Disney Company is undergoing a significant overhaul, and now, Pixar is on the front line of these changes.

According to a revealing report by The Hollywood Reporter, Pixar is set to lay off a significant portion of its workforce—approximately 14%, or around 175 employees, out of a total of 1,300. This move is part of a larger restructuring campaign to streamline operations and refocus the studio’s goals. While Pixar employees were braced for this shift as early as January, the actual scale tipped slightly better than feared, with initial reports suggesting a potential 20% cut across the board.

However, these Pixar layoffs are just the latest in a series of trimming efforts across Disney’s vast empire. Iger’s strategy seems to align the studio more closely with feature films, cutting back on direct-to-streaming series projects, save for the highly anticipated “Win or Lose” set for later this year. This development could mark a pivotal point in Pixar’s storied history. Is Disney risking the golden goose by pulling such drastic measures?

Pixar’s recent track record has been a roller coaster, with films like “Turning Red” (2022) finding their footing post-release on Disney+, while “Lightyear” (2022) struggled to meet expectations. However, the studio managed to bounce back with Peter Sohn’s “Elemental” (2023), which not only grossed nearly half a billion dollars worldwide but also stood as the only Disney animated feature nominated for an Academy Award in 2024. This juxtaposition of underperformance and unexpected hits puts the spotlight on Pixar’s critical role in Disney’s broader cinematic adventure.

It raises a pressing question—why would Disney jeopardize a division that continues to show promise amidst the flops of other ventures? With the new “Beyond Storytelling” campaign (more details [here](, one might expect solidifying strong, successful units like Pixar as opposed to pruning them back.

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