Exciting news and a hint of concern have emerged from the world of Pixar. According to a report by Bloomberg, Pixar is diving back into its treasure trove of classic films to reboot some of its most beloved franchises. With recent releases like “Luca” and “Lightyear” falling short of both critical acclaim and box office success, the studio is reportedly considering sequels for iconic favorites like “Finding Nemo” and “The Incredibles.” These returning titles may just be the key to restoring Pixar’s former glory.

Jim Morris, President of Pixar, provided some insights into the studio’s forward-looking strategy. He mentioned that the company aims to roll out three films every two years, with a mix of sequels, spin-offs, and original concepts. It’s an ambitious plan aimed at balancing nostalgia and innovation, while also reviving the magic that made Pixar a household name.

However, the notion of these sequels isn’t universally celebrated, even among Pixar’s own ranks. Lindsey Collins, Senior Vice President of Development, revealed a candid and somewhat humorous exchange with her son regarding an “Incredibles 3” film. She asked him what he thought about another sequel, to which he bluntly responded with “Money grab.” This anecdote highlights the mixed feelings surrounding the continuation of these cherished stories.

Despite the internal and external skepticism, there’s no denying the enduring charm of The Incredibles. The original 2004 film is still considered one of Pixar’s finest achievements, blending family dynamics with thrilling superhero action, and setting a new standard for 3D animation. The sequel in 2018 reignited fans’ love for the Parr family, begged the question: is there room for a third installment in this extraordinary universe?

Amidst all this anticipation, Disney and Pixar have an exciting slate for the summer. “Inside Out 2,” set to release this June, brings back Riley and introduces new characters like Anxiety and Envy, voiced by Hollywood talents Maya Hawke and Ayo Edebiri. Following this in July, the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be shaken up by “Deadpool & Wolverine,” starring Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, promising fundamental changes to the MCU.

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