Exciting news is buzzing in the Magic Kingdom! It appears that Walt Disney World in Florida is on the brink of a monumental expansion with the potential addition of a fifth theme park. This massive development is part of a $17 billion investment plan orchestrated by Disney Experiences, the division responsible for the magic behind the parks.

According to Deadline, Disney’s proposal involves an initial $8 billion expenditure over the next decade. This investment will be focused on infrastructure improvements, new constructions, and technological advancements. More thrillingly, the plan hints at substantial job creation, with over 10,000 new positions anticipated in Florida over the next 10 to 20 years. Visitors and locals alike can look forward to this new park adding to the magic of Disney World and perhaps rivaling Universal Studios’ upcoming Epic Universe.

Recent reports suggest the development also includes potential transformations of existing areas. Disney has the rights to convert hotel/motel land use into an additional 225,000 square feet of office space within the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District. However, the entire vision hinges on the approval by relevant local authorities, a process that’s still underway.

Disney’s East Coast expansion echoes similar high-profile developments on the West Coast with Disneyland Forward, spearheaded by Disney CEO Bob Iger and Disney Experiences president Josh D’Amaro. This mirrors Disney’s strategy of continuous innovation and enhancement of guest experiences. The possible fifth theme park could bring unprecedented attractions and further solidify Disney World as a premier global destination.

What makes this development even more intriguing is the backdrop of recent tensions between Disney and the state of Florida. After years of disputes, including dealings with the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District, things appear to be settling, paving the way for this ambitious project.

Will this fifth park become the next reason for Disney fans around the world to pack their bags for Orlando? Or what kind of attractions and themes should we anticipate from this new addition? Share your thoughts and excitement in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this news with fellow Disney enthusiasts!

For more details, check out the original report on Gizmodo and Deadline.

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