The wildest renovation in the West is finally over! Just beyond The Lucky Nugget Saloon and across the Rivers of the Far West, guests in Frontierland can once more spot runaway mine trains careening around Big Thunder Mountain. This iconic attraction recently underwent an unprecedented renovation to bring exciting new features and explosive surprises which are sure to thrill guests of all ages!

As Disneyland Paris gears up for its 25th anniversary celebration on April 12th, Imagineers and cast members across the resort worked together on this expansive project, examining every aspect of the experience and updating each part of the attraction.

The new additions to this iconic ride are, of course, in keeping with the Gold Rush-era storytelling of Frontierland. Guests will find the cabin that belonged to the mine’s very last prospector decorated with everyday objects from the Gold Rush Era. Just like the 1,500 props scattered around the attraction and the waiting area, these authentic objects were found in real American ghost towns.

Big Thunder Mountain Reopens at Disneyland Paris

Among the many improvements at Big Thunder Mountain, a new explosion sequence lies in wait for guests along the harrowing journey, thanks to an immersive combination of cutting-edge technology and sensory experiences. Other special effects include recently restored geysers along the lake shore, visible from the train. Original features such as the train tracks themselves were also refurbished.

Thanks to the innovation, creativity and collaboration of everyone involved – from local suppliers, artisans and special effects experts to Park Operations cast who tested the experience countless times – guests can expect a truly exceptional new experience. We are delighted to welcome passengers aboard the wildest ride in the West once more, as we prepare to dazzle our guests for the 25th anniversary this April!