Every evening from 1 to 30 April, Sleeping Beauty Castle will become the stage for an ode to our planet with a unique pre-show to Disney Dreams! An event made possible through a very “natural” partnership with the Disneynature label and the creativity of Disney Business Solutions teams.

Earth Month has been reserved to Disneyland Paris’ backstage area for a long time. But this year it is coming up-front, into the Disneyland Park. As it was decided include guests in the festivities linked to Earth Month, Thierry Magne and his colleagues at Business Solutions started right away to work on a show that would be a tribute to nature. This unique, 4-minute production designed for Earth Month is the result of a partnership between the teams at Disneyland Paris and the Disneynature label.

For six months the teams worked in synergy to select the most beautiful sequences from iconic movies such as The Crimson Wings, Pollen, African Cats, Chimpanzees, Bears, or even Monkey Kingdom. They will be put up on the screen –Sleeping Beauty Castle! – every evening throughout the month of April thanks to a unique editing job using a mapping technology synchronised with a music track and the fountains of Disney Dreams!. Certain excerpts, such as the water shots were even especially recorded for this project.

business solutions disneyland paris work on show

earth month nature show disneyland paris

The Disneyland Park is the perfect place to inspire and make our guests dream in front of our planet’s beauty”, as Thierry Magne, Event Designer at Business Solutions, explains. “By using innovating technologies developed for Disney Dreams!, we have the flexibility to offer new shows on Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, the most majestic screen one could wish for.” The Cast Members are active actors in this event since some of them – casted during the month of March – appear in the editing sequence to give their impressions. The objective was to present an original story that inspires emotion and is thought provoking : it has been met !

Discover in the video here-under of this project, as explained by Thierry Magne, and the first images of the preshow.