The impressive Disneyland Park input sequence is now fully rehabilitated for improved accessibility and a more sparkling visual rendering than ever. A major project which will see its conclusion in March 2017.

Genuine area for relaxation with its Victorian landscape, its ponds and its kiosks, Fantasia Gardens are a necessary and very exotic passage for visitors to the Disneyland Park. Located under the windows of the Disneyland Hotel, majestic green space is also one of the most photographed in Disneyland Paris.

Fantasia Gardens hotel disneyland 1992

Fantasia Gardens in 1992

In order to improve the experience of thousands of daily visitors going to Disneyland Park, and in the refurbishment program of the entire resort , the decision was made two years ago to launch a large land reclamation of this single input sequence in Disney Parks.

rene bourgeois claude disneyland paris

René-Claude Bourgeois, building project manager, gives some details on this exceptional site: ”  The whole paving of the Fantasia Gardens corresponds to an area of 14.000m 2 in total, the size of two football fields to repave!Besides land, borders (2.8 km in total!), The curbs, flower boxes and rails will also be remodeled. “

After the refurbishment of several areas around the Disneyland Hotel, the site now reached its 15 th stage with replacement of the soil in gardens located center. The concrete slabs now give way to better paved and easy to maintain, with an average thickness of 12 centimeters. These tiles are mainly from Burgundy and are produced by local companies. For stone walls, it was used a company located in the Dordogne.

rehabilitation fantasia gardens

rehabilitation fantasia gardens disneyland paris

Under the Accessibility program in place to Disneyland Paris for the disabled, stairs have been adapted to current standards, including the installation of “tactile” paving the edge of the steps. The drinking fountains were also adapted for easy use, even in a wheelchair.

Beyond the green spaces and its paved walkways, Fantasia Gardens also host large central basin with several fountains. This rehabilitation is the opportunity to replace aquatic systems: new fountains are being installed with a new location. The lights have been changed by more environmentally friendly and efficient LED systems for nicer night vision. The tightness of the pool was also checked. Finally, along walkways, street lights will be rehabilitated. This phase of work, the more ambitious the overall project will be completed in late July.

fantasia gardens basins

This project is still a perfect example of the successful collaboration between teams FAM Design and Construction and Walt Disney Imagineering.

End of refurbishment planned for spring 2017.