Remy’s vegetable patch was constructed in April 2014 on a 400 m² plot of land at Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne, and has since enchanted hotel visitors and gardening professionals alike. The National Competition of Vegetable Gardens in France awarded Disneyland Paris the first prize in the “Private vegetable garden  cultivated in a landscaped environment” category. The prize-winning garden is a first in Disney Parks worldwide.

It’s a special distinction for the Nature and Environment teams, who are behind the garden project (as well as other sustainable and environmental initiatives). Approximately 20 types of vegetables are grown in the garden, including, of course, all the vegetables and herbs required to make the famous ratatouille served at the Bistrot chez Rémy, as well as the mint served at the Restaurant Agrabah Café. Varieties of heritage vegetables and rare vegetables are also grown in the garden, and cared for by the gardening teams, including 10 varieties of heirloom tomatoes that Louis Albert de Broglie donated from his National Tomato Conservatory at La Bourdaisière château. As a 100% organic and pesticide-free garden, Remy’s vegetable patch is a true ecological asset, allowing rare plant varieties to flourish and contribute to the resort’s plant diversity. It also raises environmental awareness for guests.

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Each year, the National Competition of Vegetable Gardens in France awards prizes to outstanding vegetable gardens, for vegetable diversity, good gardening habits, or garden aesthetics. Open to all gardeners, this annual meeting is organised in collaboration with the SNHF (French national horticultural society), the JARDINOT Association (association of gardeners), and the Gnis (national interprofessional group of seeds and plants). Representatives from these  organisations make up the jury, and they travel all over France to visit the 16 finalist gardens selected from the initial applicant pool. This was the first year that Disneyland Paris entered!

potager de rémy disneyland paris

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