“We Are Disneyland” : Aurore, Groom at Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show

“We Are Disneyland” : Aurore, Groom at Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show

Horses are full-fledged actors in the Disney experience. Whether they transport our Guests along Main Street, U.S.A. or amaze them in one of our many shows, these four-legged stars are looked after and pampered by a team of true animal lovers. We met with Aurore, one of these grooms who make the show possible. Aurore has been fascinated by horses since she can remember, so nothing was more natural than wanting to spend her day with them. This became possible when she joined the team of grooms at Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show… with Mickey and Friends in 2015.

Aurore says : “They are more than simple animals, we care for them as one would for people, looking after their well-being and adapting to each horse’s character. Each one is individual!” Training is continuous and the horses are taken out every day. This requires real team work, involving the grooms of course, but also the many other persons with different jobs who work daily for this show. On show nights, close to 300 Cast Members operate both on stage and backstage. Learn more about Aurore’s job in this new episode from our web series.


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