We Are Disneyland: Daniele Polliotti, Disney Traditions Training Specialist

We Are Disneyland: Daniele Polliotti, Disney Traditions Training Specialist

Daniele arrived in Disneyland Paris in 2003 and has worked in various positions. He is currently first reception host at the Castle Club. In this position his sense of service and outgoing personality serve him well – attributes also useful in his role as a Disney Traditions trainer at Disney University. “One of the moments I look forward to is when I give new Cast Members their name tags – it has a symbolic feeling, he confides.

“We all remember our first Disney Traditions. It is the moment when new Cast Members become aware that they are starting a new adventure!”Daniele joined the Disney Traditions trainer programme to share his enthusiasm, his creativity and his knowledge of Disneyland Paris. Ten Cast Members with varied profiles are regularly selected to transmit our corporate culture and heritage through this training course.

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