This weekend, Disney Village at Disneyland Paris will be buzzing with the rhythm of country tunes as “Cowgirl Musical Dreams” takes center stage. The event promises to immerse visitors in an atmosphere reminiscent of Nashville’s vibrant music scene. Highlights of the weekend include thrilling line-dancing classes, engaging street performances featuring acoustic guitars, and a special headline performance by Tennessee-born singer Justyna Kelley at Billy Bob’s Country Western Saloon on Saturday night.

Kelley, known for her affinity for country music which she inherited from her mother, Irene Kelley, is set to light up the stage alongside musician Carlton Moody. The duo has a rich history of collaboration, having first met in Paris back in 2013. Their shared love for country music and songwriting has culminated in a setlist that features an array of beloved country hits and original songs. “Expect an energetic and authentic performance,” promises Moody, “with songs by some of the biggest artists in country music and even a few written by Justyna herself.”

One of Kelley’s personal favorites is The Chicks’ “There’s Your Trouble,” a song that perfectly blends harmonies and melodies. Her admiration for artists like Taylor Swift, who began her journey in country music, showcases her belief in the genre’s power and significance. Kelley is thrilled about performing at Disneyland Paris and finds it heartwarming to see a little slice of Nashville living in France. “This will be my first time at Billy Bob’s, and I cannot wait to share this experience,” she excitedly shares.

Moody reflects on his journey with Disney, tracing back to when he first performed at Disneyland Paris in 1992. From playing at Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show to igniting the country music spirit at Billy Bob’s, his ties with the park are both professional and deeply personal. “Disney feels like family, and it’s wonderful to be back,” he says, looking forward to reuniting with old friends and fellow music lovers.

As the duo prepares for an unforgettable performance, they’re eager to create a completely immersive experience for the audience. With the natural process of sharing tempo and harmony ideas, the music is set to speak directly to the hearts of listeners. Kelley hopes to connect with passionate fans of country music, making this weekend at Disneyland Paris a memorable one.

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