Hold on to your Mickey ears! The Dance Place in Blackpool is gearing up to celebrate its 40th anniversary in the most magical way possible—by heading to Disneyland Paris. This vibrant dance school, with a team of 69 talented dancers ranging from six to 16 years old, is set to perform on the grand stage of Disneyland Paris and participate in an exciting parade. All their hard work and dedication will be showcased in a spectacular 20-minute performance that’s sure to dazzle audiences.

The entire journey, spanning four days of pure enchantment, commences this Tuesday. However, this dream trip didn’t come easy. The Dance Place’s fundraising team, with invaluable support from parents and the community, has raised a whopping £25,000. This impressive amount ensures that every dancer and their family can enjoy this incredible opportunity without financial strain.

Lian Wray, affectionately known as the “dance boss,” has been at the helm since she took over the family business at 18 after the sudden passing of her mother. Lian expressed enormous gratitude and excitement for the upcoming adventure. “Our main financial support has been through local businesses that have sponsored the children. The support has been incredible and without them, this trip would not have been possible. We managed to secure sponsorship for every child,” she said.

The team has left no stone unturned in their fundraising efforts, hosting community events such as fun days, local performances, a golf tournament, and even movie nights. Their love for dance has united them in a common cause—making this once-in-a-lifetime trip a reality.

Lian beamed with pride, “We are so excited for this trip and having our dance family of over 250 people traveling with us to support the children is just amazing. Myself and my other teachers are immensely proud and cannot wait to watch them perform at Disney. It’s the perfect way to celebrate our 40th year!”

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