In a festive atmosphere that brilliantly showcased the magic of Disney, China’s largest outbound travel wholesaler, DidaTravel, celebrated its flourishing partnership with Disneyland Paris. This grand celebration took the form of a VIP dinner in Shanghai on Tuesday, May 28, aimed at expressing gratitude to key B2B buyers and partners. As the summer high season approaches in Europe, this event emphasized the strategic importance of the China-Europe travel corridor.

Since 2023, DidaTravel has proudly held the exclusive offline B2B distributor rights for Disneyland Paris hotels in China. In response, Disneyland Paris has amplified its content marketing and brand promotion to captivate the Chinese audience, ensuring the magic of Europe’s most beloved theme park is shared far and wide.

With the restoration of flight routes between Europe and China to 90% of their pre-pandemic levels, the expectations for a robust resurgence of Chinese tourism to Europe are soaring. Industry experts are optimistic, bolstered by the fact that DidaTravel has seen a remarkable 227% year-to-date growth in bookings through its system, compared to the same period in 2019. This underlines DidaTravel’s solid market position and its crucial role in reviving outbound tourism from China.

“We are witnessing unprecedented demand for Disneyland Paris, as well as Europe in general, now that the summer high season is really about to start in the northern hemisphere,” said Snow Xiao, Director of Direct Contracting at DidaTravel. Highlighting the seamless access provided to clients through their API connection and web booking engine, Xiao underscored DidaTravel’s capability as a key player in fulfilling the burgeoning appetite for European travel experiences among Chinese tourists.

As Europe gears up for a bustling summer, DidaTravel is committed to delivering unparalleled travel solutions, thanks to strong partnerships and a revitalized tourism sector. The company looks forward to a prosperous year, setting new benchmarks in the travel industry.

What are your thoughts on DidaTravel’s phenomenal growth and their innovative strategies? Have you ever experienced Disneyland Paris, or are you planning a visit soon? Share your experiences and join the conversation in the comments below. Feel free to share this exciting update with your friends and fellow Disney enthusiasts on social media!

*(Sources include Travel Daily Media and official statements from DidaTravel executives)*