In a riveting discussion at the recent MoffettNathanson Media and Communications Summit, Disney CEO Bob Iger shared some exciting insights into the company’s strategic investments and future plans for its cherished parks and resorts. At the forefront, Iger emphasized the unparalleled return on investments in Disney’s parks, calling it one of the company’s highest-yielding segments. He highlighted the impressive performance of Disney parks, noting record revenue, per capita spending, and attendance across nearly all parks, with Walt Disney World being a notable yet strong exception.

Iger provided updates on international parks, underscoring the success of Shanghai Disneyland, which has become the leading tourist destination in Shanghai since its opening in 2016. Hong Kong Disneyland and Disneyland Paris have also seen significant growth, with major expansions and new attractions scheduled to open in the next few years. The second park in Paris, formerly known as Walt Disney Studios, is set for a rebranding and further development, promising even more magical experiences for guests.

Addressing competition, especially from Universal’s upcoming Epic Universe park in Orlando, Iger expressed confidence. He believes Disney’s strong IP and strategic investments in attractions such as Galaxy’s Edge and Tron Lightcycle Run will enable Disney to uphold its market leadership. “We’ve had competition for a long time. I’m mindful of what they’re doing, but I’m confident in what we’ve built and will continue to grow,” Iger stated. Notably, attractions like Galaxy’s Edge remain major draws thanks to their immersive experiences and sensational rides.

Wrapping up, Iger touched on the enduring appeal and multi-generational charm of Disney’s parks and cruises. He emphasized their resilience and the unmatched value they continually provide to guests. “The experience that we deliver, whether it’s at a park or on a cruise ship, is an extraordinary experience that where the value is not going away. It’s showing no signs of ebbing at all,” he said with pride.

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