Hold Onto Your Mouse Ears! One Mum’s Honest Take on Disneyland Paris

When it comes to the magic of Disney parks, many parents feel the pressure to give their kids the trip of a lifetime. But one straight-talking mum and podcast host, Lauren Harris, didn’t find the fairy tale she expected during her family trip to Disneyland Paris. In the latest episode of the popular “Nip Tuck, Not Giving a F***” podcast, Lauren shared her candid thoughts, and they might surprise you.

Lauren, who visited the park in April with her partner, his son, and her daughter, described the experience as anything but magical, largely due to the extensive waiting times. “What’s enchanting about standing in a queue for 60 percent of your day?” she questioned. Lauren was particularly shocked by the high cost of fast passes, mentioning they were “600 Euros for one day,” a price too steep for her wallet.

As for the famed Disney parade, Lauren admitted she found it neither magical nor worth the wait. “If you want a good seat at the parade, you have to arrive an hour beforehand and sit on the pavement,” she remarked. Add in the inconvenience of long waits for essential activities like bathroom breaks, and Lauren’s frustrations mounted. She concluded, “The moments of happiness would have probably added up to about two hours. The rest was just standing in a queue.”

Lauren’s sharp critique sparked a lively discussion online, drawing both support and opposition. While some parents resonated with her criticisms, saying Disneyland Paris ‘took a bit of their soul,’ others defended the park, arguing that any theme park involves queueing and crowd management.

Disneyland Paris responded to Lauren’s concerns by highlighting several services designed to ease guest visits, including real-time updates on the Disneyland Paris app, free single rider services, and the option to buy one-off fast access tickets at a lower rate.

What do you think, Disney fans? Have you experienced the highs and lows of Disneyland Paris? Share your thoughts and personal stories in the comments below! And if you’ve enjoyed a magical experience at a Disney park, tell us how you made the most of it! 

Original source: Manchester Evening News