Disneyland Paris Blooms in a Burst of Summer Magic

As the summer days lengthen and anticipation builds, Disneyland Paris has unveiled a dazzling display of floral wonder, transforming flowerbeds across the parks and hotels into vibrant canvases of color. Thanks to the unwavering dedication of the Horticulture teams, these blooms play an essential part in immersing guests in the whimsical world of Disney magic.

Under the twinkling night sky, a team of 25 skilled gardeners worked meticulously over the course of four weeks to achieve this seasonal makeover. Each morning brought new colorful flowerbeds, much to the delight of park visitors. The team carefully selected varieties and colors, ensuring alignment with the stories and themes of the different lands and hotels. A standout example is the enchanting flowerbeds around Central Plaza and at the foot of Sleeping Beauty Castle, which harmoniously match the grandeur of the “A Million Splashes of Colour” show.

The horticultural team showcased their expertise with a vast array of flower species. Sunpatiens, chosen for their resilience to varying climate conditions, take center stage alongside 54 other varieties, some available in up to 20 different hues. Seasoned staples like petunias, begonias, and geraniums bloom alongside lesser-known gems such as gomphrena, kniphofia, and armerias. Even culinary and aromatic plants like sage, verbena, and sweet potatoes have been creatively incorporated into the vibrant displays, adding a unique touch to the floral tapestry.

Manon Hazebroucq, flower project manager at Disneyland Paris, shares, “The choice of each flower, its color, volume, and lifespan is based on the story we want to tell with it.” This thoughtful approach ensures that every bloom contributes to the immersive experience, making guests feel as if they’ve stepped into a fairytale.

Partnering with local growers and tree nurseries, some just a short drive from the resort, underscores Disneyland Paris’ commitment to environmental sustainability. These partnerships not only guarantee fresh and flexible flower deliveries but also reduce the carbon footprint related to transport. Many of these local producers proudly bear the “Plante Bleue” label, reflecting their dedication to socially responsible and eco-friendly practices.

Water preservation remains a priority in this botanical endeavor, with efforts focused on optimizing water usage. The Horticulture teams employ “reasoned watering” techniques, utilizing the resort’s advanced wastewater treatment plant to ensure that every drop counts. Behind Sleeping Beauty Castle, in the courtyard of the Auberge de Cendrillon, guests can even find an array of squashes and aromatic plants, a testament to the imaginative use of greenery throughout the park.

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Photo Credits: Disneyland Paris News.
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