Disneyland Paris Springs to Life with Alice & the Queen of Hearts: Back to Wonderland!

Step into a whimsical world this summer as Disneyland Paris unveils its latest spectacular show, **Alice & the Queen of Hearts: Back to Wonderland**, now playing at the Theater of the Stars in Walt Disney Studios Park. This fresh musical adventure runs until September 29, 2024, offering an urban twist on the beloved classic, engaging guests with vibrant performances and jaw-dropping stunts.

Showcasing a blend of music, acrobatics, and BMX stunts, this innovative production plunges audiences directly into Wonderland. As guests gather for a magical tea party, the storyline takes unexpected turns, leading to a thrilling musical face-off between Alice and the Queen of Hearts, all under the comedic watch of the Mad Hatter. You’ll even get a chance to influence the story’s ending with your applause!

Creative magic extends beyond the performances; the set, designed by Olivier Dusautoir, boasts a bold stage blending elements of pop art and street culture. Enhanced by vivid visuals and industrial props, the stage serves as a lively arena for the show’s 180 performers. From colorful skate parks to energetic trampolines, the setting is nothing short of mesmerizing.

Plus, the music is an electrifying fusion of pop and rock, recorded in Nashville, giving life to five original songs that mirror the contrasting personalities of Alice and the Queen of Hearts. Expect dynamic live performances from a stellar cast of singers and instrumentalists that elevate every moment.

Disneyland Paris remains committed to inclusive experiences, inviting thousands of kids from the **Secours Populaire** charity to enjoy the show throughout the summer. This initiative is a testament to the resort’s dedication to spreading joy and cultural enrichment.

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Experience the magic and be part of the tale like never before at Disneyland Paris!

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– Image Credits: Disneyland Paris

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