Disneyland Paris Shuts Down Outdoor Attractions Amid Severe Weather Alert

Bonjour, Disney enthusiasts! Today’s visit to Disneyland Paris may have been a stormy adventure, but there’s still magic in the air. A severe weather alert forced the majority of outdoor attractions to close at the iconic resort. French weather service, Météo France, issued warnings for heavy rain and hail sweeping across northern France, creating an intense storm that halted the enchantment prematurely.

⚡ Stay dry! All outdoor attractions are temporarily closed due to thunderstorms. Indoor attractions like Pirates of the Caribbean remain open!

Our friends at DLP Report shared dramatic footage of thunderstorms striking Frontierland. All outdoor rides, from Big Thunder Mountain to the charming carousels, were forced to cease operations due to the thunderstorm hovering over the park. Thankfully, indoor attractions like Pirates of the Caribbean and Peter Pan’s Flight sailed smoothly, with guests experiencing the magic undisturbed.

This weather dilemma echoes familiar scenes at Walt Disney World in Florida, where summer thunderstorms often disrupt outdoor activities. Designers strategically placed many rides indoors to circumvent Florida’s rainy climate, ensuring the fun never stops. However, such widespread weather-induced shutdowns in Paris are rarer, making today’s disruptions notable.

Exciting news ahead! Following a grand €500 million renovation, the Disneyland Hotel has reopened, showcasing lavish updates while requiring virtual queue reservations to manage the surge in demand. May 25 will also mark the debut of Alice & the Queen of Hearts: Back to Wonderland at Walt Disney Studios Park, coinciding with the park’s rebranding to Disney Adventure World.

Paris is buzzing in anticipation of the 2024 Olympics, further enhancing Disneyland Paris’s allure. With a slew of new attractions and renovations, we expect a surge in visitors journeying from the Olympic excitement to the magical realms of Disney.

As our favorite parks undergo remarkable transformations, they continue to prepare for an influx of guests from around the globe, especially with Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour drawing crowds to the city. The combination of new experiences and a bustling Parisian summer makes Disneyland Paris an irresistible stop.

Are you planning a visit to Disneyland Paris amid these exciting changes? Share your thoughts in the comments and remember to share this story with fellow Disney aficionados! Stay safe and keep the magic alive, come rain or shine!


For more updates, check out Inside the Magic for detailed coverage. Original sourced material by Alessia Dunn.