Are you a family of tried-and-true Disney enthusiasts looking for a delightful twist on your next magical getaway? Reports from our seasoned travelers are highlighting a charming yet affordable French counterpart to Disneyland Paris—Parc Astérix. Located just 45 minutes north of Paris, this theme park promises plenty of fun and significant savings, making it an enticing option for your next family adventure.

For the budget-conscious Disney fan, Parc Astérix offers an appealing alternative. A two-night family package at La Cité Suspendue, including park tickets and breakfast, rings in at €546 (£470). Compare that to Disneyland Paris, where similar accommodations start at €1,600 (£1,373) in the Sequoia Lodge, and the cost-saving appeal becomes clear. Day passes are also easier on the wallet, with entry to Parc Astérix at €62 (£53.20) versus Disneyland’s £97.21 for one park.

Worried your Disney-devoted kiddos might miss Mickey and co.? Fear not! The thematic charm of Astérix immersed our reporter’s family in a rich historical narrative inspired by the beloved French comic book character. The whole clan found themselves enchanted by the whimsical half-timbered houses and faux medieval streets, all set against a lush forest backdrop. They even nabbed the Gold Filotomatix fast passes to skip the queues and spend more time exploring the park’s thrilling 50 rides and shows, from the classic Goudurix roller coaster to the record-breaking Toutatis.

Not to be outdone in the culinary department, Parc Astérix serves up local French cuisine and affords magical dining experiences like the Restaurant du Lac with its lakeside terrace. Here, theme park fare gets a sophisticated twist, with dishes like wild boar and salmon tartare adding a touch of gourmet delight to your family’s getaway.

The theme park innovation doesn’t stop there. Parc Astérix continues to update and expand with seasonal attractions like the Gaulish Musical and the Tower of Numerobis, offering panoramic views to plan your next thrilling escapade. Indeed, it’s a park that continues to grow alongside your curiosity and love for adventure.

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