Step into the enchanting world where magic meets sustainability! Shanghai Disney Resort is honoring Earth Day with its remarkable “ourHOME” nature conservation forum, showcasing their mission to “Take Action Together to Protect, Restore, and Celebrate Our Planet.”

Throughout the month of April, Shanghai Disney Resort has gracefully woven environmental consciousness into its vibrant tapestry. Guests, cast members, and the larger community have been invited to join in a myriad of Earth Month festivities. This year, a special alliance with National Geographic amplifies the celebration, uniting to spotlight the power each person holds in fostering positive global change.

A highlight of the celebrations was today’s “ourHOME” Nature Conservation Forum at Shanghai Disney Resort. Remarkable figures from various industries graced the platform, sharing deep insights into environmental preservation and wildlife conservation. Among them was the acclaimed National Geographic Explorer, Xi Zhinong, whose breathtaking nature photography inspired guests to embrace wildlife conservation passionately. Xi’s stirring visuals and heartfelt stories left an indelible mark on attendees, urging them to recognize their potential to drive change.

Adding rhythm and flair to the festivities, dancers from Shanghai Dance Theatre presented a stunning performance of the “Crested Ibises” dance drama at Wishing Star Park. This evocative dance paid tribute to the crested ibis, symbolizing the delicate bond between humanity and nature, and calling for a renewed commitment to environmental stewardship.

The celebration continued at Disneytown with the lively “Celebrate Earth-Earth Month Fair,” featuring 22 nature-centric booths, including the inaugural National Geographic booth. Guests were treated to the dynamic beats of JAMMitors, performing with ingenious instruments fashioned from recycled materials—delivering both entertainment and a compelling message on waste reduction and recycling.

Joe Schott, President and General Manager of Shanghai Disney Resort, emphasized the importance of Earth Month as a reminder of our collective responsibility to sustain our planet. “Through unique storytelling, we hope this year’s Nature Conservation Forum and all our Earth Month celebrations will inspire action and collaboration in environmental stewardship, creating a brighter future for us all,” Schott stated.

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*Note: Article inspired by and adapted from content originally published on [Laughing Place](*