Exciting times are ahead for Disney fans as Shanghai Disneyland has unveiled the layout of its highly anticipated new roller coaster. This thrilling attraction has been eagerly speculated about since its announcement last month, and now we have a clearer picture of what guests can expect.

The municipal planning map, revealed by X user @RiverDai1992, showcases a ride that includes both a forward and a reverse launch, adding a unique and exhilarating twist to the journey. The layout indicates that the load and unload station will be centrally located within the building, while a merchandise shop will be conveniently positioned near the entrance.

It’s noteworthy that Shanghai Disney Resort initially kept the details of this attraction under wraps, only hinting that it was in the preliminary planning phase and leaving fans to wonder about its theme and type. Although the new roller coaster will be situated next to the recently opened Zootopia land, it appears that the two attractions will not be directly related.

In addition to this thrilling new ride, Shanghai Disney Resort is also in the process of constructing its third hotel, further expanding the park’s accommodation options and enhancing the overall guest experience. The continuous growth and innovation at Shanghai Disneyland demonstrate Disney’s commitment to providing world-class entertainment and magical experiences for visitors.

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