Disneyland Paris has launched a thrilling new stage show, “Alice & the Queen of Hearts: Return to Wonderland,” offering guests an electrifying blend of BMX stunts, acrobatics, and beloved characters from the “Alice in Wonderland” universe. This whimsical spectacle is set against a backdrop of oversized playing cards and vibrant floral designs, reflecting the fantastical world of Wonderland. The show features modernized costumes for iconic characters such as Alice, the Queen of Hearts, the Mad Hatter, and the White Rabbit.

The BMX stunt show, replacing “Moteurs…Action!: Stunt Show Spectacular” at Walt Disney Studios Park (soon to be renamed Disney Adventure World), premieres on May 25, 2024, and runs through September 29, 2024. Sortir à Paris recently provided a sneak peek of the performance, which has transformed the venue into a kaleidoscopic wonderland with electric energy.

“Alice & the Queen of Hearts” is not just about BMX stunts – the show integrates acrobatics, singing, dancing, trampolining, and dazzling pyrotechnics. The stage is adorned with graffiti-style art, bike ramps, and a 14-meter trampoline, contributing to the vibrant and dynamic atmosphere. Performances include new songs like “Welcome to Wonderland,” as well as classics such as “Golden Afternoon,” enhancing the nostalgic value for the audience.

The immersive production also involves audience participation, where visitors get to decide the winner of a croquet game between Alice and the Queen of Hearts, making each performance potentially unique. Sortir à Paris anticipates that audiences may often side with the Queen, adding an interactive twist to the show.

Sortir à Paris praised the 30-minute show, highlighting its engaging and high-energy presence over its three daily shows. The technical setup includes multiple screens resembling playing cards, providing close-ups and featuring iconic characters like the Cheshire Cat.

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