In a rare and delightful twist, Disneyland Paris has decided to bring back an old favorite that many visitors sorely missed. The return of paper park maps is now in full swing, much to the jubilation of parkgoers who value the nostalgic charm and practical use of these guides.

Since its opening in 1955, Disneyland has embraced Walt Disney’s vision that the parks would “never be complete.” Continuous evolution has marked the Disney experience, with new attractions and experiences frequently replacing old favorites. Some closures, like that of Splash Mountain and The Great Movie Ride, have been met with significant backlash from devoted fans. Beyond rides, it’s often the smaller touches, the so-called “plussing” of Disney parks, that create the enchanting experiences guests hold dear. Despite their small size, features like the now-defunct Magical Express and FastPass have had a big impact on guests’ experiences.

In 2022, Disneyland Paris eliminated the complimentary paper maps in an effort to reduce waste, encouraging guests to navigate via the park’s app instead. However, this move wasn’t as well-received as intended. Many guests found the app lacking in reliability, and the absence of physical maps was a significant frustration. To quell the discontent, Disney began offering paper maps upon request in shops and hotels.

Fast forward to now, Disneyland Paris has decided to reinstate park maps at the entrance, a move popularized via DLP Report on social media. The return of map display units under Main Street Station means guests can once again easily pick up a map in both French and English, though they are still encouraged to use the app to minimize waste.

The reaction from Disneyland Paris visitors has been overwhelmingly positive. One guest praised the park for making “so many good decisions lately,” while another appreciated the “small, yet very good changes.” It’s rare but exciting to see Disney bring back something it once deemed unnecessary, showing that guest feedback is not only heard but valued.

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