Attending a Disney audition on a whim completely transformed Nicholas Clemens’ career trajectory, leading him to thrilling opportunities at Shanghai Disney Resort and Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. Fueled by a deep-seated love for Disney, Nicholas has achieved his dreams of bringing joy to countless guests through his performances. Reflecting on these magical moments, Nicholas recalls, “Growing up, my favorite character was Simba from *The Lion King*. The unforgettable experience of seeing Simba at Disneyland’s Parade of Dreams sparked my passion for performing. Now, I get to create that same magic for others.”

Nicholas didn’t initially plan on a performer’s path, as he was pursuing architecture at UC Berkeley with a minor in theater set design. A friend’s suggestion to attend a Disney audition changed everything. “I had never auditioned for anything before. The audition, which was just five days away, came out of nowhere. To my surprise, I made it through multiple rounds and eventually got the call to move to Shanghai!” Nicholas reminisces.

His tenure at Shanghai Disney Resort was marked by immense personal and professional growth. “Performing at Shanghai Disney allowed me to dive into Chinese culture and even learn Mandarin! The friendships and experiences I garnered there have been some of the most rewarding chapters of my life.” The rigorous training regime equipped Nicholas and his castmates with essential skills in physical and vocal animation, layering stories seamlessly into their performances.

One of Nicholas’s favorite aspects of Disney employment is the variety it brings. “Every day is a fresh adventure. One moment you’re dancing in a parade on Main Street, the next you’re greeting guests inside the castle. The encouragement from my castmates and the collective joy we experience make it truly unique.”

While enchanting guests with his performances, Nicholas also pursued further career development, earning an MBA focused on international business culture. Subsequently, he embraced a role as a trainer at Hong Kong Disneyland, revamping onboarding and training processes to enhance new performers’ experiences. “Living in Hong Kong is as magical as working for the resort. From mountain hikes to city roof-top dining, it’s a diverse paradise that I am grateful to explore every day.”

Camaraderie amongst cast members is a cornerstone of Nicholas’s journey. “We become a family despite being miles from home. From celebrating birthdays and movie marathons to traversing the Great Wall of China and savoring Sichuan hot pot, the memories are endless.” Nicholas is now keen on joining Hong Kong Disneyland’s Creative/Casting team, aiming to streamline operations and amplify the magic for future guests.

Inspired by Nicholas’s journey? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and connect with others who dream of being part of the Disney magic. For those eager to audition, Nicholas advises, “Enter without expectations and let yourself be surprised. Authenticity is your key to unlocking endless possibilities.” For upcoming audition opportunities, visit []( and stay connected through [Facebook]( and [Instagram](