A day that should have been filled with magic and memories at Disneyland Paris took a dark turn for Panamanian plus-size model and TikToker, [Gracie Bon](https://www.tiktok.com/@graciebon1/video/7376393183493721350). On June 3rd, Bon shared a video recounting her disheartening experience at the park, where she and her siblings had hoped to escape into a world of joy and fantasy.

In her heartfelt video, Gracie captured her attempts to have fun despite being subjected to hurtful behavior from other guests. She revealed that people not only took photos of her without consent but also gave her disdainful looks and laughed at her expense. “Even the worst part is that they teach their kids to do the same,” she voiced with palpable disappointment.

Gracie, steadfast in her message, stated, “I am embracing who I am despite how others treat me. No one should be bullied for the way they look. Respect is key.” She further shared footage of individuals staring and seemingly mocking her, raising concerns about the park’s atmosphere of acceptance and inclusion.

Support for the TikToker poured in from the online community. One user commented, “We need more people like you; you’re so beautiful. Words of respect!” Another echoed, “It’s really sad how people can be so mean.” Despite the negativity, Gracie’s call for dignity and empathy resonated widely, showing a groundswell of support for body positivity.

As pointed out on Disneyland Paris’ official site, their visitor behavior section strictly forbids discrimination and socially unacceptable behavior. The park management reserves the right to take necessary action against any form of misconduct. While the park has yet to comment officially, Gracie’s bold stance has undoubtedly highlighted the need for greater awareness and sensitivity.

What are your thoughts on this experience? Should Disneyland Paris take stricter measures to prevent such incidents? Share your thoughts in the comments and let’s foster a welcoming environment for all park guests!

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