Shanghai Disney Resort is rolling out the green carpet for Earth Month with a vibrant bouquet of interactive events and activities designed to honor our planet and engage guests in environmental conservation. This annual tradition, under Disney’s Planet Possible initiative, seeks to amplify awareness around nature conservation and urges everyone to make eco-friendly choices for a sustainable future.

This year, Shanghai Disney Resort has unveiled a special Spring Flower Guide, available in Mandarin, English, and Shanghai dialect. The guide, presented by well-known celebrities like Pan Hong and Chen Long, introduces visitors to 36 different types of flowers blooming across the resort. The Horticulture team has meticulously curated stunning landscapes with common and rare plants, providing a colorful backdrop to each themed land and area within the resort.

A key highlight of the Earth Month celebrations is the β€œourHOME” Nature Conservation Forum on Earth Day, April 22nd. This inspiring event will feature insightful speeches and panel discussions from various guests, non-profit organizations, volunteers, and resort representatives. National Geographic Explorer and wildlife photographer Xi Zhinong will be sharing captivating stories of the natural world, aiming to heighten public awareness of wildlife and habitat preservation.

Disney’s commitment to the environment extends beyond these forums. Disney VoluntEARS are set to tackle a significant project in Dongtan, Chongming Island, by collecting trash and debris from the tidal flats, demonstrating their dedication to local conservation efforts.

Celebrations continue with the return of the “Celebrate Earth – Earth Month Fair” in Disneytown from April 19th to April 22nd. This fair, featuring fun and interactive activities, is supported by Disney VoluntEARS and multiple non-profit organizations, offering guests and community members a chance to learn more about protecting wildlife and their habitats.

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