Disney fans, get ready for a delightful surprise at Shanghai Disneyland! A mesmerizing new floral arrangement featuring the sly and charming Nick Wilde from “Zootopia” has made its debut, greeting guests at the park’s entrance. This vibrant display replaces the traditional Mickey Mouse floral centerpiece and is sure to bring smiles to faces young and old.

The intricate design showcases Nick Wilde’s face made from an array of orange, yellow, black, and white flowers, perfectly capturing his playful and cunning expression. Positioned right at the main entryway, this arrangement is just the beginning of the fun. To Nick’s right, you’ll find a pair of his iconic sunglasses crafted from yellow and red blooms. On the left side, there’s a delightful “pawpsicle,” creatively designed with pink and green flowers for the top and yellow flowers for the popsicle stick.

Adding to the celebration, Nick Wilde himself, dressed in his police uniform complete with his trademark loose tie, joined the festivities. To round out the event, his enthusiastic partner Judy Hopps also made an appearance, sharing her excitement for Nick’s new floral tribute. She previously had her turn in the spotlight with a floral representation in honor of the Zootopia-themed land opening at the park.

Zootopia fans have seen a surge in the characters’ presence across Disney properties. This latest addition follows the opening of Zootopia Land at Shanghai Disneyland in December 2023, the first such dedicated land in any Disney Park. Moreover, Nick and Judy statues are soon to decorate Jumbeaux’s Sweets on the Disney Treasure cruise ship, and they recently appeared at Disney’s Animal Kingdom for Earth Day.

Furthermore, a brand-new Zootopia 3-D show is set to replace “It’s Tough to Be a Bug” at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, promising more immersive experiences with these beloved characters. Although there’s no set date for the show’s debut, anticipation is high.

What do you think of Nick Wilde’s floral debut at Shanghai Disneyland? Are you excited about the growing presence of Zootopia in Disney Parks? Share your thoughts in the comments and join the conversation!

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