A recent incident at Walt Disney World has revealed a not-so-magical moment involving one of the park’s iconic characters. An unfortunate event transpired in EPCOT where a beloved cast member playing Goofy endured an unsettling interaction with a guest, culminating in an official report filed with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

The alleged episode unfolded on February 19 this year when a visiting family approached Goofy for a photograph. The 32-year-old male cast member, who was portraying Goofy, found himself in an uncomfortable situation with the family’s grandmother, who was described as being in her sixties and donning a novelty “Nana Mouse” shirt. The grandmother purportedly groped the actor, squeezing his backside while exclaiming, “Woo hoo!”

The incident, witnessed by a nearby Disney photographer, prompted the cast member to alert his attendant and a theme park leader. The grandmother appeared confused and left the scene with her family. Distressed by the encounter, the cast member has decided to press charges against the woman for her inappropriate actions.

This episode is a stark reminder of the challenges faced by Disney cast members, who have occasionally dealt with mistreatment from guests. Famous incidents, such as inappropriate interactions with characters like Gaston at the Magic Kingdom, continue to emphasize the importance of respecting the boundaries of these hardworking individuals.

Despite this disturbance, the cast member’s immediate response and the support from witnesses highlight Disney’s commitment to ensuring a safe and respectful environment for both its employees and guests. As the situation develops, we encourage our readers to reflect on their own interactions within the parks and contribute to maintaining the enchantment of Disney experiences.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this serious issue—have you witnessed or experienced something similar at a theme park? Share your stories and insights in the comments below. Let’s keep the magic alive by fostering a respectful atmosphere for all.

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*Source: [Inside the Magic](https://insidethemagic.net/2024/05/disney-employee-pressing-charges-after-woman-allegedly-assaults-goofy-actor-ld1/)*