What a whimsical twist of events at Shanghai Disneyland! During a recent performance of the Zootopia Day Special Pre-Parade, our beloved Officer Clawhauser experienced an unexpected costume deflation. The usually cheerful and bouncy character suddenly found himself in a bit of a flat predicament, which was quickly captured and shared on social media by @pomemaru_d.

In the shared video, you can see Cast Members spring into action, escorting the deflated Clawhauser away from the parade route. It seemed that the mechanism responsible for keeping Clawhauser’s costume fully inflated malfunctioned, causing the top half of his suit to lose air and sag. If you’ve ever wondered how Disney magic deals with mishaps, this was a prime example of quick thinking and seamless guest experience management!

Despite this little hiccup, guests continue to be enchanted by the City’s Zootopia-themed land, where they can meet their favorite characters and explore immersive settings. The special pre-parade typically delights guests at noon and 3:30 p.m. in the Gardens of Imagination daily, so we’re hopeful that Clawhauser will bounce back (pun intended) and return to his spot in the lineup soon.

Given Shanghai Disneyland’s incredible attention to detail and the unending dedication of its Cast Members, there’s no doubt that Clawhauser will be back in shape and spreading joy quicker than you can say “donuts.” Our fingers are crossed for a speedy recovery for our fluffy friend!

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