Our tour of Shanghai Disneyland continues today as we brave the wild jungles of Adventure Isle! Excitement awaits guests in this new land, exclusive to Shanghai Disneyland. At its center is Roaring Mountain, which legends says echoes with the roars of a mysterious reptilian creature just waiting to be discovered.

At the base of Roaring Mountain, guests are invited to prove themselves as true adventurers and blaze their own trails at Camp Discovery. They may choose to travel across time and space in Soaring Over the Horizon, or embark on the thrilling rafting adventure Roaring Rapids, straight through the heart of Adventure Isle.

'Tarzan: Call of the Jungle' at Shanghai Disneyland

Also found in Adventure Isle, “Tarzan: Call of the Jungle” is an original production performed in Mandarin. It’s a high-energy, musical retelling of the classic story and features the iconic score from the animated Disney feature film, “Tarzan,” with a fusion of theatrics and Chinese acrobatics.

Ready for more adventure? Check back soon as we continue our Shanghai Disneyland tour with Treasure Cove!