The story of Disney on Broadway begins with a tale as old as time. It all kicked off in 1994 when “Beauty and the Beast” debuted at the Palace Theatre in New York. From there, Disney Theatrical Group’s magical journey brought us iconic shows like “The Lion King,” “Aladdin,” and “Frozen.” Today, Disney’s charm has captivated nearly 230 million theatergoers in 38 countries.

Yet the path to Broadway success wasn’t always a fairy tale. Back in 1991, while the animated “Beauty and the Beast” was a groundbreaker, its stage adaptation was a leap into the unknown. As Thomas Schumacher, Disney Theatrical Group’s Chief Creative Officer, recalls, “It was the vision of people like Bob McTyre, Ron Logan, and then-CEO Michael Eisner that brought ‘Beauty’ to Broadway. There wasn’t even a Disney Theatrical Group at the time!”

Just months after “Beauty and the Beast” opened, the musical magic continued with “The Lion King.” Following its film release, Elton John himself expressed a desire to dive into stage productions. Schumacher remembers the pivotal moment: “The morning after ‘The Lion King’ film premiered, we decided to develop ‘Aida’ as a stage show, which really gave birth to the enterprise of Disney Theatrical.”

Over the next three decades, Disney Theatrical Group would enchant audiences with other Broadway hits like “Tarzan,” “Mary Poppins,” “The Little Mermaid,” “Newsies,” and “Frozen.” Among them, “Aladdin” now celebrates its 10th year, delighting international audiences from Tokyo to Madrid.

Going global has been no small feat. Local adaptations required cultural tweaks—like reimagining the Genie from “Aladdin” to match local tastes. “It’s a complicated process,” says Schumacher. “For example, in Japan, the Genie takes on a game show host persona to resonate with the audience better.”

Disney’s timeless tales continue to connect with audiences worldwide. Schumacher reflects on this journey: “The Lion King is a metaphor for life—family, community, loyalty, redemption. It’s universal.”

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