The Peter Pan’s Flight attraction is getting a full makeover. American and French painting teams worked together on this project to give the adventure all its original sparkle – and then some!

London and Never Land will soon shine brighter than ever! The dazzling new lights and paints are the first thing Guests will notice once they’ve boarded their flying ships. Thanks to fresh coats of paint throughout the attraction and brand-new LED black lights, the special effects are breathtaking! For this project, black light paint specialists from Walt Disney World Resort in Florida came to lend a hand to the French teams. Jim Crouch, Principal Color & Paint Specialist at Walt Disney Imagineering, supervised this collaboration during its six weeks and comes from Disneyland Resort in Anaheim.

peter pan attraction paint disneyland paris

peter pan painting disneyland paris

Scene by scene, the painters invigorated the colours throughout the attraction to transport Guests more completely to Peter Pan’s world. Original projectors (some in use since 1992) were upgraded with wave-stimulating programmes. To match the like-new decor, the attraction’s props and figures were repainted and refurbished in the Central Shops workshops. The exterior of the building was freshened up, including the woodwork and paving along the waiting area. A new covered and heated shelter was also built for Cast Members.

“It has been a real pleasure to work here in Paris with this talented group. This has been a collaborative effort between Facilities and Operations Services and Walt Disney Imagineering and we’re making great things for the guests who will come to see this attraction,” shared Jim, before heading back to the United States. Flights to Never Land will resume 9 July 2016.