On 25 April, a Clefs d’Or (Golden Keys) prize was awarded to Fabio, a concierge at Disney’s Hotel New York, by the Association of Concierges of France. This award symbolizes fantastic achievement in hotelier service, and strengthens the Disneyland Paris brand.

After years of dreaming about this day, he still can’t believe it. Sponsored by two of his colleagues (already recognized by the Association of Concierges of France), Fabio Quaratino was awarded the Clefs d’Or (Golden Keys) award, which distinguishes Fabio as one of the best hotel concierges in the world.

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Fabio sees this award as the result of his perseverance and focus. After working at City Hall and Disney’s Sequoia Lodge to learn the ropes of customer service, Fabio has been at Disney’s Hotel New York for more than four years. He has been supported and even coached by the other concierges, who became his sponsors.

They submitted his name for consideration, and Fabio then had several interviews with the Association of Concierges of France before being named an award recipient. He proudly shared,   “Since I started, I’ve dreamed about winning this award. I’m really proud to join the ranks of the Clefs d’Or winners. This association is like a family – a family of the best hotel concierges. We are recognized world-wide for our mentality, savoir faire, and high-quality service. This honour is also an indication of the professionalism at Disneyland Paris.”

clefs d'or new york disneyland paris

The Association was founded in 1929, and is today recognized worldwide. Its 4,000 members are concierges in 4- and 5-star hotels all over the world, including 500 in France. Fabio, now recognizable to the port of cross golden keys on both lapels of his uniform,  is the 10th concierge at Disneyland Paris to be honoured with this award! Five are located at Disney’s Hotel New York, the others at the Disneyland Hotel.

For Fabio, the desire to welcome visitors is even stronger now: “My ambition is to anticipate the needs of our visitors and answer all of their questions. And if I do not know one, to guarantee them that I will find the answer in no time! “

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