This month, Alison Le Flem, Project Coordinator with the Nature and Environment division, shares her experiences with us. At Disneyland Paris since 2010, Alison is in charge of projects involving biodiversity with the Nature and Environment division. Since its formation, this division has nurtured the development of a rich flora and fauna throughout the resort. For example, a specially trained gardener takes care of a flock of sheep which employees may have spotted backstage. The bees in the hives at Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch produce several hundred kilograms of honey each year, supplied to the resort’s restaurants and boutiques. They also ensure the pollination of plants and therefore the propagation of flowers in the outdoor spaces. At Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne, the bees help Remy’s green garden to keep producing its vegetables for the kitchen.

“The collaboration between our gardeners and the Wildlife team is vital in our mission to conserve habitats and preserve wildlife.  It’s thanks to the expertise and dedication of these teams that projects like Remy’s green garden or the establishment of orchards can go forward. ” confides Alison.