DidaTravel’s Surging Success: Chinese Outbound Tourism and Disneyland Paris Collaboration

In an outstanding leap for Chinese outbound tourism, DidaTravel has reported a staggering 227% increase in bookings compared to 2019. As a trailblazer in the industry, DidaTravel recently celebrated its monumental success with an exclusive VIP dinner in Shanghai, honoring its vital B2B partners and collaborators. This event, held on May 28th, underscored DidaTravel’s influential role as the exclusive offline B2B distributor for Disneyland Paris hotels in China since 2023.

Disneyland Paris has ramped up its engagement with the Chinese market, intensifying content marketing and promotional activities to widen its appeal among Chinese tourists. This proactive approach is paying off splendidly, with interest in European travel rocketing, particularly to Disneyland Paris, as flight connections between China and Europe reach 90% of pre-pandemic levels.

DidaTravel has surpassed the general recovery of the Chinese hotel market, thanks to its strategic foresight and robust market presence. The company’s impressive gains highlight the resurgent interest in Europe among Chinese travelers, positioning it as a formidable player in the global tourism rebound.

As Europe readies itself for a bustling summer season, Snow Xiao, Director of Direct Contracting at DidaTravel, emphasizes the unprecedented demand for Disneyland Paris and other European destinations. Xiao attributes this success to DidaTravel’s seamless access to Disneyland Paris hotel accommodations for their clients via an efficient API connection and web booking engine.

With a promising year ahead, DidaTravel’s dedication to delivering superior travel solutions and maintaining its leadership in the travel industry remains steadfast. As international tourism flourishes once more, DidaTravel is poised to continue its upward trajectory, fostering strong partnerships and meeting the growing demand for enriching travel experiences.

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